Net user: - I'd like to get information about the dates for the "Basic Course of Mediation and Arbitration" and also ask if any kind of certificate will be given at the end of the course. Is there the possibility to become a member?

R: TASP:- Dear Sir, the goal of the courses held at TASP (Basic Course of Mediation and Arbitration) is to introduce you to Law 9.307/96, teaching the students this way how to use the alternative ways to reach an agreement (Law 9.307/96 and 9.958/00), besides proving the real possibilities, range and efficiency of the Arbitration procedure for contractual relationships. TASP holds 2 courses, at the end of which a certificate of assistance is given. No documents of professional identification will be given, since our understanding is that to be a Mediator or Arbitrator is a circumstantial condition and not a right or real profession. In order to be included in the TASP Board of Arbitrators, a resume must be sent, papers handed in and a speech made to prove the knowledge on the use of Arbitration. It's also necessary to do an internship and attend TASP hearings. After those steps, the name of the student will be added to the TASP Board of Arbitrators and he/she is called to act as a Mediator, Conciliator or Arbitrator, according to the nature of the process and if he/she is chosen by the parties. For information on the dates visit -