Net user: We are interested in participating in TASP. We have already taken the course in another entity. What shall we do?

R: TASP: In order to become an Arbitrator at TASP the "Basic Course of Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration" must be taken, and up-to-date resume presented. The next step is to take the specialization course in Mediation and Arbitration - then a paper about the studied themes is prepared by the student and afterwards presented to the TASP Board of Arbitrators (mini-monograph). After that, the student attends as a trainee the hearings that take place at TASP (20 hours minimum). After all those steps, the name of the student will be included in the list of the TASP Board of Arbitrators and he may be called to be a Mediator, Conciliator or Arbitrator, according to the nature of the process and the need of the specific situation. Another possibility is that the student proves his/her specific and broad knowledge, and experience by handing in and presenting a paper in order to validate his/her habilitation.