Net user:- Before receiving the enrolment form, I'd like to free myself from some doubts. If I take this course will I have the same rights and chores of an Arbitrator in SP? Which means, I would like to take this course and then be prepared to work in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná. Will I have any kind of certification stating I am an Arbitrator or Mediator after finishing the course? After finishing this course, will I be able to act as an Arbitrator in other cities or states that may have an Arbitrational Court?

R: TASP: Dear Sir, TASP has been holding the "Basic Course of Mediation and Arbitration" for 3 years and we have prepared Mediators and Arbitrators to work all over Brazil. Once the course is finished a certificate is given to you, although there is no law requiring the possession of such a certificate. In order to work as an Arbitrator it is necessary to be well-prepared and have a deep knowledge of the law 9.307/96, which is exactly what is taught in the course. If and how an Arbitrator acts depends on the conditions stipulated by the entity and you. We are available in case you have further doubts.